Our people are what define us. We must set them up for both short and long-term success.


Fostering an environment that is positive, supportive, and collaborative is a top priority. A happy team is a successful team.


Different perspectives and experiences are essential for success, which is why we have a diversity mandate for hiring and advancements.


We put flexibility at the forefront, allowing our team to focus on themselves and their families with adjustable hours and work-from-home practices.


Workshops, training, educational resources, and opportunities—we strive to provide everything our team needs to grow and flourish.


We take purposeful steps to guarantee we’re working with only the most reputable vendors, offering only the most dependable products, and serving you as best as possible both now and in the future.


Our standards are high, which is why we only work with vendors who place as much priority on quality as we do.

Every product we select is thoroughly tested to ensure it’s of the very highest caliber and able to sustain peak performance season after season and year after year.

Quality isn’t just what you do. It’s also how you do it. We vet every vendor we choose to work with to ensure they follow practices that align with our values, including responsible sourcing and efficient manufacturing process that reduce the impact on our environment.

Also, as a team-based organization, how a vendor treats its people matters to us. All appropriate labour laws must be followed and strong employee supports must be in place. We always put people first.


A winning team never leaves anyone behind, and our truly national reach gives us the unique ability to serve communities of all sizes from coast to coast.

We’re able to accomplish this thanks to our deep experience in and commitment to effective distribution. We have built a broad, expansive service area that includes stores in multiple regions as well as a service network that features reps positioned across the country.

Working with national and international vendors also gives us the advantage. Not only can we offer some of the world’s very best products, we can distribute them across Canada, ensuring every community has the opportunity to succeed through sport.


Our decades of experiences and expert team has given us an unmatched level of industry knowledge, but perhaps the lesson we take most to heart is this: evolution is a key ingredient to success.

We choose to work with vendors that share our passion for future-proof approaches. This includes mitigating touchpoints, which allows us to reduce packaging, shipments, and other potentially wasteful practices.

Prioritizing streamlined services, such as in-house printing services, and advanced warehousing and inventory practices also play a role in avoiding over-ordering and reducing waste.

Additionally, instituting cutting-edge technology, such as Electronic Data Interchange, speeds up processing and offers a much higher level of convenience and control. We embrace the future.


Foresight and preparation is what helps turn a contender into a champion—you have to plan ahead to find success.

Our experience in the industry and strong market position give us the unique ability to accurately forecast and inform purchasing behaviours. We collaborate with our partners and vendors in this capacity to help reduce overproduction and product waste.

This collaboration is refined year after year, allowing us to constantly be building more efficient and convenient delivery systems and more accurate and transparent inventory and warehousing structures.

When this approach is combined with our reach, innovation, and commitment to quality, it’s safe to say ONETeam sports is position to lead the charge for years to come.


You’ll find ONETeam behind the scenes supporting universities, clubs, leagues, private schools, and national sports organizations with donations, equipment, and more. Visit our brand sites for a list of partners and more information.


Whether it’s a diamond, pitch, rink, field, or court, it’s up to us to ensure everyone has a place to play today, tomorrow, and forever.


The less waste the better, so we distribute a purely digital, online catalogue and use innovative technology to offer digital process for in-house administrative work, ordering process, and more.


Our tech-first approach allows us greater control and oversight when it comes to our stock. This means less over-ordering, less waste, and a leaner approach—all good things for the environment.


The only thing better than playing one game is playing as many as possible—the same goes for our products. We have dedicated recycling programs for paper products, packaging, batteries, and more.


Our team’s safety and comfort is a top priority. Wherever possible, we offer remote-work options, and we also allow for adjusted hours to accommodate special circumstances, where possible.