Lakeland Rustlers up second straight CCAA National Championship

Lakeland Rustlers up second straight CCAA National Championship

The Lakeland College Rustlers clinched gold for the second consecutive season at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Women’s Volleyball National Championship.

The Lakeland College Rustlers secured their back-to-back CCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championships by defeating the Vancouver Island University (VIU) Mariners in three sets (25-21, 25-17, and 25-10). Avery Bates and Lana Matthews led the Rustlers' offense with ten kills each, supported by Jana Laing's stellar setting performance. Aimee Skinner and Megan Duffy showcased their skills for the VIU Mariners, with Linnea Brickwood facilitating the team's play.

Jana Laing was honored as the 4imprint Rustlers Player of the Game, while Megan Duffy received accolades as the 4imprint Mariners Player of the Game.

Looking ahead, Durham College will host the 2025 CCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship from March 5-8.

Championship Most Valuable Player – Jana Laing, Lakeland College Rustlers

Exemplary Leadership Award –
 Danyk Sauro, Head Coach of the Nordiques de Lionel-Groulx

Championship All-Stars

First Team

Jenay Varga – Lakeland College Rustlers
Aimee Skinner – VIU Mariners
Anna Duboc-Ventura – Nordiques de Lionel-Groulx
Cassidy Andrews – Humber Hawks
Lana Matthews – Lakeland College Rustlers
Linnea Brickwood – VIU Mariners

Second Team

Anika Gatto – Capilano Blues
Rachel Perry – RDP Queens
Jade Genereux – Nordiques de Lionel-Groulx
Keyome Ellis – Humber Hawks
Sandrine Methot – Nordiques de Lionel-Groulx
Megan Duffy – VIU Mariners 

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